Supima- the process

Although cotton is not traditionally viewed as a glamourous eveningwear fabric, the high quality one hundred percent Supima cotton opens a world of possibilities for textile design and manipulation. As a designer I feel that utilizing cotton to create evening gowns personally reflects my design aesthetic as I don’t consider myself as a traditional eveningwear designer, but as someone who explores unique silhouettes and artistic hand-crafted techniques. Through this collection, I explored the power of the color red and the impact it has in women’s fashion. My research delved deep through the beauty of naturally occurring red in wildlife to the color’s cultural significance of red around the globe. I continued to experiment with silhouette and layering to create an exceptional eveningwear collection that highlights print design, embroidery techniques, and other unique tex­tile manipulations. By receiving the opportunity to experiment with Supima cotton fabrics, I hope to create an innovative collection of wearable art.

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